Month: February 2016

Missionary Church

The Township is undertaking a zoning amendment for the Missionary Church.  This property has been a place of worship and a cemetery for hundreds of years, however in the creation of the zoning by-law this property was not zoned to reflect the institutional nature of the site.  The applicant recently undertook a lot addition to

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Reinhart Foods Parking Area

The applicant is proposing to amend the Township of Clearview Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit the establishment of a parking lot use to serve an existing industrial use, being Reinhart Foods. A portion of the proposed parking area will be located on a vacant lot and a portion will be located on the

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Procee Subdivision – Stayner

The applicant is proposing development of the subject lands for the purposes of establishing an residential subdivision.  The lands were previous finalized as a subdivision making up eleven (11) separate parcels, including a road allowance.   The applicant is now applying to change the current 11 unit subdivision to a 92 residential unit plan of

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